Autodl-irssi now available!

Hello Seeders! Thanks to the request of a long-time client of Wallhost, autodl-irssi is now available! It is installed by default on all new seedboxes. If you wish to have autodl-irssi installed on your seedbox, please simply log a ticket as a function needs to run to enable it for existing users. Warm regards and happy seeding, Wallhost   Read More »

19th Apr 2019
Disk Usage added to client zone

Disk Usage has finally been added to the client zone so you have some indication of what it is before you log a ticket saying your rTorrent is down. Disk usage sitting at 100% is usually the cause of rTorrent being down, so you'll now get a handy indicator in the client zone of what your disk space is like.

18th Sep 2018
rTorrent reobot via client portal fixed

The rTorrent reboot bug which caused rTorrent to become unresponsive when rebooted via the button in the client portal has been fixed.

17th Sep 2018
Affiliate system re-enabled

The Affiliate system has officially been re-enabled, at 20% recurring commission per referral.

Please feel free to log a ticket if you have questions about this.

13th Mar 2018
Automated EFT processing

Wallhost has introduced automated EFT processing for invoices over R100.01.If you wish to take advantage of this for services cheaper than R100.01, please pay two months in advance and your payment will be automatically processed once it clears. NOTE: References should be either a pre-arranged one or ONLY the invoice number (eg: 1234). Any ... Read More »

30th Oct 2017
Server migrations

Migration to newer, more powerful hardware in a new datacenter is underway! What does this mean for my service? Wallhost is planning on increasing the base storage for all services along with a big bump in available bandwidth to users. More information on this upgrade will be released in the coming weeks.In addition to this, Wallhost is also ... Read More »

25th Oct 2017

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